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Art can make the invisible visible.

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I dream of a world where we live close to the Earth again, and the animals have Forgiven us


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I Won’t be Using Grisaille

Posted on Jun 29 by

As those of you who read my blog know, for the past months I have been on a path of experimentation. I recently switched from oils to acrylics and am open to painting...


My first black swan

Posted on Jun 18 by

My first black swan, detail of a #wip. Probably needs more work on its legs. #painting #wildlifepainting #acrylicpainting #workinprogress #ontheeasel #australianart...


I Do a Lot of Nothing

Posted on Jun 9 by

Sometimes it feels like I waste a lot of time in my studio. I work pretty regular hours, 9am – 3 or 4pm most days. I have days when I teach, or have to do errands....


Rose Petal’s Story Continues

Posted on Jun 4 by

I was so happy to hear from Wires (the local wildlife carer society) about the orphaned joey that we brought to care last week. She even sent photos of him. Here he is grooming...


the Baby Pademelon who Loves Rose Petals

Posted on May 27 by

We have been seeing this little guy around the place for the past week. There are lots of pademelons at our place, but I never see them this small without their mother. He was...


A Curlew Caught after the Storm

Posted on May 7 by

This little guy stuck next to the gift shop outside GOMA after last Friday's storm. #storm #wildlife #GOMA #bird #loveaustralia A photo posted by Zom Osborne (@zomosborne) on...