Zom Osborne

Art can make the invisible visible.

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I dream of a world where we live close to the Earth again, and the animals have Forgiven us


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Another Reason to Draw

Posted on Sep 14 by

I wrote a post a while back declaring that there are several reasons to draw, only a few of which have to do with whether you can draw or not. In this earlier post called...


“i hear a Call”

Posted on Aug 26 by

  I was pleased to be able to complete this drawing. It had been sitting in my map drawers for ages. She was waiting in there, not because she wasn’t ready but because...


‘Calling the Bees’

Posted on Aug 19 by

This painting began with a photo I had taken of my step-grand-daughter with her mother on the beach. Phoenix has a wonderful intensity about her that I find fascinating. I have...