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Art can make the invisible visible.

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I dream of a world where we live close to the Earth again, and the animals have Forgiven us


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Two Old Photos of me

Posted on Oct 5 by

      Day five of the Blogtober Challenge and today we are to post an old photo of ourselves.  Me at nine years old. Our family used to go camping every year for a...


Fear Stops Me, for now

Posted on Oct 4 by

It is day 4 of the Blogtober Challenge, and we are to post what’s left on our bucket list. First up, let me say that I don’t think in terms of a bucket list. I am...


What is in my Bag

Posted on Oct 3 by

For day 3 of the Blogtober Challenge, we share our everyday essentials. I mostly work from home in my studio, except on days when I go out to teach. I thought I would share what...


a few of my most Helpful Art Quotes

Posted on Oct 2 by

We are at day 2 of the Blogtober Challenge and today we are asked for our favourite quotes. Mine all have to do with art, of course.   This first quote encourages me....


Ten Things you may not Know about me

Posted on Oct 1 by

I have decided to do the Blogtober challenge on Facebook where we receive a topic every day for the month of October. I don’t write a lot in here about my personal life, it...


Beachie Thoughts

Posted on Sep 30 by

I don’t live at the beach, I live in the hills. Depending on the one I go to, the beach is 30-40 minutes away. But considering that the nearest town is 20 minutes away,...