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It is a beautiful time of inspiration, when all possibility folds out before me – and I begin to imagine another reality.

After finishing work for two group shows (the Hurford Hardwood Portrait Prize and the Garden Show), I have been able to return to my new series.  The working title is either ‘Preparing for the New World’ or ‘the New World’. I am not sure whether it is a single series or two. It is a story that has two parts, but whether I paint them separately or together I am not yet sure.

A quote from the book ‘the Year of the Flood’ by the wonderful Margaret Atwood shares a theme.

“Take comfort in the thought that this history will soon be swept away by the Waterless Flood. Nothing will remain of the Exfernal World but decaying wood and rusting metal implements; and over these  the Kudzu and other vines will climb; and the Birds and Animals with nest in them, as we were told in the Human Words of God: ‘They shall be left together unto the Fowls of the mountains, and to the Beasts of the Earth; and the Fowls shall summer upon them, and all the Beasts of the Earth shall winter upon them.’ For all the works of Man will be as words written on water.”



I go through my sketchbooks and see which ideas speak to the new series. Sometimes sketches wait for years before their time comes. All those markers are ideas that are speaking to me now.

sketchbook photo

I look through my photos too, looking for ones that inspire settings or references that will fit the new story.

The sketchbook on the upper right is my new one, waiting for those few last pages in the previous one to be filled. I am excited that I will be moving into this larger journal for the new series. It seems appropriate as my paintings are going to be larger too.


And here is a new sketch for a new painting that I hope to begin soon. It was initially drawn into my older journal on the left, but has metamorphised into a new form.