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I mostly work from home in my studio, except on days when I go out to teach. I thought I would share what I have to have with me when I go out for the day.

My journal notebook. I have an iPhone and I enjoy technology, but I am an old school artist and I just gotta feel that pen on paper. After trying out many different notebooks, I carry the moleskine cahier, mainly because it is light. And not too small so that I can draw and write in it. It is my playstation and ideas base. Whenever and whatever inspires me can be quickly written or sketched into my journal. I would be lost without it.

bag essentials

moleskine catier

moleskine cahier

My mechanical pencil. Any kind will do. I like mechanical pencils because I don’t have to sharpen them – and they retract so they don’t poke holes in my bag (purse).

Retractable eraser. I can retract it so it doesn’t get all dirty in my purse. Bag. I go back and forth between Australian and American terms. Sometimes I forget which is which.

My special drawing pen which took me years to find — no not the micron. The Uni-ball Signo DX. I love it. It is a ball-point gel pen with a tiny tiny point and I can draw fine responsive lines with it unlike the mechanical lines of the micron.


Camera, in which case I could probably leave behind my phone. But I won’t, leave it behind. I need a better camera though.

Paleo snack, because I can only go a few hours without eating and I am on a limited diet. I can’t eat gluten or dairy ( I really can’t, this is not an optional diet choice.)

Byron bay

The sea was so lovely today. I was hoping to see a whale, but no luck.