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This first quote encourages me. Painting is a solitary pursuit, with rare input. It is easy to sink into wondering what you are doing it for, and if you are contributing anything to the world. It isn’t like I am in the studio saving lives after all…

“Creativity is not a solitary movement. That is its power. Whatever is touched by it, whoever hears it, sees it, senses it, knows it, is fed. That is why beholding someone else’s creative word, image, idea, fills us up, inspires us to our own creative work. A single creative act has the potential to feed a continent. One creative act can cause a torrent to break through stone.” 

Clarissa Pinkola Estes


The second one helps me to remember, on the days when things aren’t going so well (today was one of those), why I paint.

“The object of art is not to make saleable pictures. It is to save yourself… to make yourself alive. Most people remain all of their lives in a stupor. The point of being an artist is that you may live.”  

Sherwood Anderson


The next one helps me with the art world, when I worry that my art isn’t political or radical.

“The revelation of art is not ethics, nor a judgement, nor even of humanity as one generally thinks of it. Rather, the revelation is a marveling recognition of the radiant Form of forms that shines through all things.” 

Joseph Campbell


And finally, the last quote confirms what I deeply intuit, but hardly dare to believe is true.

“If psychologists are the mechanics of the mind, artists are the soul whisperers.”  

Justin Heazlewood of ‘Funemployed Life as an Artist in Australia’

Moon over Byron Beach