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Australia’s spring officially begins Sept 1. No logic to it really, it just means we can talk about our seasons as if they were similar to European or North American’s seasons, which of course they aren’t. Still to me there are recognisable signs of ‘spring’. Not flowers as we get those all year around, though of course entirely different ones to the ones I grew up with in the States. (It took me many years to stop missing daffodils).

wallabies in the back garden

Pademelons in the garden

It is about the animals. There are animals around all the year, but different ones come at different times – and they act differently. Like these little guys. For some reason the mob that comes around the house hasn’t been around much over winter. I have only seen the pademelons (a kind of small kangaroo) in the far paddock beyond the studio. Now this mother and her joey are back in the garden, reminding me why I can’t plant violas back there. Actually if the pademelons didn’t come, I wouldn’t have to plant violas as the native violets would have a chance to grow back. Oh well, at least this year they haven’t remembered how tasty the rose’s new shoots are.

Monitor lizard

Monitor lizard in front of my studio

Just a few days ago I heard distinctive rustling noises outside the studio and quietly snuck to the window. I really knew that spring has arrived when I saw this guy. Is he the big monitor lizard, or has he just grown from last year? He is at least 5 foot long.

monitor lizard hiding behind a tree

Hiding behind the tree

I was leaning out the window to get a better photo when the iPod cover flapped open and he ran. Now he thinks I can’t see him behind the tree. They climb trees when they feel threatened. They aren’t usually aggressive unless you corner them, but I have heard of them trying to climb people like trees when they are scared. Their claws would hurt.

monitor lizard

don’t go

And he is off to check out the compost pile to see if he can find any chicken carcasses. He likes to come around lunch time.

Actually he might be a she. When she was further off her tummy looked suspiciously large. Maybe this year there will be baby lizards. That would be very cool.