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I haven’t shown you any painting photos for a while. It is tricky showing in-progress paintings, they can look terrible at certain stages. People sometimes share them and they end up floating around the internet out of context which can be a little embarrassing. I am happy for people to share my images (please always give any artist credit for their work) but if you share the unfinished images please explain that they are still in progress.

Below are two pieces that I have been working on this week. The first is a portrait of my grand-daughter (is there a term step-grand-daughter?). I am enjoying painting her english rose complexion. I am working on this one the most as I want to put it into a local portrait prize.

Painting in progress

Painting in progress

As you can see, the forest in the background is unfinished. She needs some more refining as well.

Below is a drawing that I thought was finished years ago, but had never shown. At the time I was working with mostly pale neutrals and would usually keep some of the paper untouched.

Figtree drawing beginning

Figtree drawing beginning

But now my approach is changing. I have picked the drawing up again and am reworking it for the Garden Show. This reworking is so much fun that I might consider doing it to some other drawings.

Drawing of a girl with a fig tree in progress

Fig tree drawing in progress

What do you think? Am I going in the right direction?