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A few weeks ago Nadine of Art Piece Gallery asked if I would contribute some works to a group show.  Initially I hesitated as I have just begun my new series. But Nadine always puts on beautiful shows – and this one sounded fantastic. It will be called ‘the Garden’ and is opening on the 26th of October.

“The whole gallery will be turned into a garden with installations, paintings, music, flower beds, plants and flowers.”

How do you resist that?
She wants new work and I work slowly. It seemed unlikely that I could make four pieces from conception to completion in time, so the next day I went into the studio and looked through work that I had temporarily set aside. Drawings still uncompleted, paintings on hold. Not rejects, not failures, but pieces in progress. I always work on quite a few things at the same time, so there are invariably pieces that have been sitting waiting for me to pick up again.

I will show you some photos as soon as the new works are presentable.