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baby pademelon

Eating Rose Petals

We have been seeing this little guy around the place for the past week. There are lots of pademelons at our place, but I never see them this small without their mother. He was eating and looked healthy. Above he is eating rose petals.

He wasn’t very concerned about us and would let me get within a few meters.

Then on Sunday my partner was worried that the pademelon might not be well. The baby was lying behind my studio in the sun. I got so close that I could have picked him up. Not a good sign. I tried to feed him some carrots but he wasn’t interested.


I went back into the house, concerned but unsure of what to do.  About 15 minutes later my husband called for me to come outside.

man holding a pademelon

Holding the orphaned pademelon

He was holding the orphaned pademelon. I trusted his decision to pick him up as my partner has good instincts with animals.


Strangely enough, the little guy seemed happier sitting on my husband’s lap than being on his own. Pademelons and wallabies (both a bit like small kangaroos) are very susceptible to becoming stressed which in turn effects their immune system. We could cause him stress, but also being on his own would be stressful.

I got him some rose petals and he gulped them down. He also groomed himself, always a good sign.

We called the local wildlife carers and they came and took him to a place caring for similar aged pademelons. They said at his age he should still be drinking his mother’s milk.

It is his best chance.