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Because I am changing from oil to acrylic paints, I am in a forest of new things to learn and I keep discovering more.

Do you know the differences between painting in oils and in acrylics? I didn’t, and that is one of many things that I am learning. I have been painting in oils for 25 years. I have used acrylics in my art journal, and as one of the mediums in my last show. But for that show I was more interested in drawing than painting. I used watercolour and pen, and acrylic and pen. They were both more like coloured drawings than full on paintings.

acrylic painting of woman in the woods

All i Want by Zom Osborne


I think of the painting “All I Want” as a coloured drawing done with acrylics. I drew it in with pen and then used mostly washes of acrylic as if it was watercolour, leaving the skin largely unpainted wood. I like the effect and I like the painting.

But now I want to use acrylics more like I did oils. I want some of them to be full on paintings, and some a combination of drawing, washes and painting,  (whether I can make that work is another journey).

I don’t want to be limited by what I don’t know. I want to be as comfortable with acrylics as I am with oils. It could take a while.

In the meantime I am learning how to keep the paints from drying on the palette and how to match colours when mixing (acrylics change colour as they dry).