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Watercolor of a young woman with mice

Everything wishes to be Free

‘Everything wishes to be Free’ is a watercolour drawing on illustration board. It was finished in August of 2014.

The original inspiration was a young neighbour woman. When I photographed her she was so beautiful that I didn’t know what to do with her. I was worried that if I painted her she would end up looking like a fashion model. But in the end, I found her classical looks an interesting contrast to the masculine uniform I was inspired to bring into the painting. For more about how she worked as a muse for me go here.

She is wearing a British military uniform from the 1700’s, but she is not a soldier. You can tell this by the fact that her feet are bare, whereas a soldier would be very reluctant to give up his boots. The figures in my paintings often have bare feet to signify their connection to the earth.

In the background is a tree that has been hit by lightning.


Everything wishes to be Free -detail

If you want to see her in her beginning stages, go here.