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playing badmitton
I wrote a post a while back declaring that there are several reasons to draw, only a few of which have to do with whether you can draw or not. In this earlier post called ‘A Reason to Draw’ I talked about drawing as a way to get to know something.

As I said, there are several reasons to draw other then to make a finished drawing. A second reason to draw is as a way to remember an idea. As an artist, I do this all the time. It is probably a rather obvious reason. I have sketchbooks full of ideas for possible paintings and drawings. They don’t need to be well drawn or look good. They just need to convey some idea, whether its first draft or one that has been well thought out.

In the wonky little sketch above, I jotted down a girl’s outfit playing badmitton in a park to remember it.

sketch in sketchbookThis was from a show I saw at the Gallery of modern art in Sydney. I was fascinated how the artist had explored his mixed race ancestry. ( I also have indigenous ancestry, though mine is native american.)

Some are quick little doodles, others more fully drawn. I write in my art journal as well, but sketches often convey more.

sketchbook drawing

This isn’t limited to being used for concepts of artworks. Any person wanting to remember ideas could use drawing. Colour notes for interior decorating, sketches of clothing to sew, a piece of furniture you want to make, ideas for garden plantings… you get the idea.

costume ideasYou could use stick figures, it doesn’t matter what the drawing looks like as long as it helps you remember the idea.

Have you used drawing this way?