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bird-drawing-Zom-OsborneMost people will say that they can’t draw. They are thinking of drawing as a way to create a picture that looks like whatever they were drawing. Most people don’t realise that there are lots of other reasons to draw. They are thinking only of drawing as a way to create a product, a drawing that looks good to hang on the wall or to show someone.

I know several different good reasons to draw.

1) To get to know something: Drawing is an amazing way to appreciate a thing, to really see it. Imagine looking at a flower for 15 minutes, even 5 minutes. Who would do that ?

Poinciana flower

It is easy to imagine that might be a pleasant thing to do. Spending time looking at a flower, seeing what shape the petals are, how they connect to the stem and each other. To note if the petals are all the same or some are different. How many stamens there are, how some might be bent or longer or shorter. Oh look, one stamen doesn’t have a ball on the end. What could that mean?


Sometimes I will while away a pleasant hour drawing a thing just to get to know it. It is another way of experiencing something, truly seeing it. It doesn’t really matter what the drawing ends up looking like, most likely no one will ever see it. But I will look at any vine differently after drawing one once.

cicada drawing_zom-osborneBugs and beetles can be especially fascinating. They are so different from us, they have almost hooks instead of feet. The strange shape of their head, and wings so different from a bird’s. Look how his legs connect under his body.

pen drawing of a micro bat by Zom Osborne

pen drawing in my journal

Or this little micro bat that I saw dying on our back wall one day. He was slowly sliding down the wall from his original perch. Later I came back and got his little body and drew it before I buried him. I had had only a basic idea what a bat looked like before that day. Its feet were as thin as a piece of paper and attached to his wings, no legs. It was amazing.

Does this tempt you to give it a try? Try drawing as a way to deeply see what is in front of you. If that happens, it will be a successful drawing whatever it looks like.

I will tell you some more reasons to draw in another post.