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Painting of a woman with a lizard.

will they Remember us
acrylic and pen on wood

“will they Remember us” has been sold and went today to its new home. I remembered that writing had come through about the work a while back,  but I hadn’t put it up on the site yet – so I wanted to.

~In the same way as I receive inspiration for an artwork, sometimes I receive words as well. The italics are the voice of the painting, I don’t consider them my words.

This isn’t just about the lizards or the reptiles. It is about extinction, of the animals. Of us. Of the earth. This is truly huge – and so sad. The place is a decaying urban scene. She is standing in an area that many years ago was an outside latrine area. You can see the urinal. But it is outside. She is neither inside nor outside. She is in a liminal place. Just like us (the spirits of other paintings), she is liminal. 

She is barefoot as if she is in her bathroom but she isn’t. She is outside in an empty street. Empty but for a lizard.

Lizards are some of the oldest creatures on earth. Here before humanity, hopefully also here after humanity. She is not surprised to see the lizard. she is one of the liminal women who the animals are attracted to. They are called to her, not that she is doing actual calling, she needs to do nothing they just come. She is not human, though she is seen here in human form.

An earlier version:

Why are you where you are, in that outdoor room?

I live here. I am a spirit.

But you don’t feel so alien or wild as the other spirits.

I am used to being in the city of course I am used to being around humans. And I am not a plant spirit.

Are you an animal spirit then?

More a guardian. More a guardian.

That is why you are with the lizard?

He is a spirit too.

What about the girl who attracted animals wherever she went?

She wasn’t a girl. She is a spirit. A whole hegemony of them. And they can take human form.