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Stella-with-Pademelons I had to show you the finished work that I wrote about last week. The next day I went into the studio and almost right away I knew what I wanted to do. I was nervous, uncertain if the painting would be improved. But better to take a chance.

On Facebook a friend said that he found the earlier version (below) too cold. He has yet to see the final painting. I thought that was interesting. I wonder if it had to do with the fact that the model is part of his extended family, and he was thinking of it as a portrait. It isn’t a portrait. People carry certain energies, and that is what attracts me to using them as a model. But the painting isn’t intended to be a portrait of the model.

Its present state

Its present state

Later I received an email from my step-daughter who had this to say about my friend’s comment: ”

“I think that we often see and depict children as full of life and colour. Your picture of Stella showed the connection that children have to the spirit/ethereal world. I think you’ve captured this with the colours of the painting.
As children we unknowingly have this beautiful and innocent connection to spirit, which gets slowly squeezed out of us as we move into adulthood and ‘growing up’.
I love the coldness as it revels another reality that perhaps only children are privy too and those that have special connections…..”

In my studio, once I knew where I wanted to go and started washing on the red paint, I was pleased. It looked quite different than I had imagined. Better. Now I need to sign her and come up with a title (the zomosborne is a watermark, it isn’t actually on the painting). Then I will go and get her framed.

Bird hit by a car

Bird hit by a car

Earlier in the week my plans in the studio went on hold when my husband brought something home from his walk. No, not flowers. A beautiful Noisy Pitta that had been hit by a car. Sad, but a wonderful opportunity to draw from life.  A quick study in my journal.


Noisy Pitta

Drawing is such an opportunity to connect with what you are drawing. Do we look at anything for an hour, two hours? Afterwards I buried her in a plastic flower pot in the garden. I am hoping in several months to be able to find her bones. I would love to do some bird skeleton studies.

pademelon in Australia


Just thought I would plop in this cutie . I have been seeing him in the morning, along with quite a few of his friends.