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This blog post is part of the Round the World Blog Hop where creatives all over the world are given the same four questions about their creative process. I was invited by the wonderful Hanna Andersson of iHanna’s blog and she was invited by well-known blogger Quinn McDonaldAnd at the end of this post, I will send you off to the blog of the next creative.

If you haven’t been here before, I am Zom Osborne. I am a full-time visual artist and live in the rainforest on the east coast of Australia.

A dam with green hills behind

The dam on our property. The house is a neighbour’s.

And here are the questions:

What are you working on?

For the past year I have been trying to come up with ways to bring more drawing into my painting. Or to bring painting into my drawing, I am not sure. I seem to be in a continual place of change in my work. I will figure out one way of working  and then am inspired to some further place that I want to take it and off I go again with more experimentation. At the moment I am trying out both new supports and new mediums on more familiar supports.

Below is a partly finished ink drawing with acrylic used as watercolour on illustration board. I have never worked on illustration board before, and I have only just begun using inks and drawing with a brush. I am struggling with the washes on the illustration board.

unfinished watercolour drawing

Still unfinished drawing/painting

I am also working on a pen drawing with acrylic on ungessoed wood and a tiny drawing using brush and ink on canvas board. And this graphite drawing on a board with washes of paint.

unfinished painting

unfinished painting

I don’t entirely know what I am doing on any of them.


How does your work differ from others of the same genre?

If someone would tell me what my genre is, perhaps I could answer that question. I don’t think artists do their work planning on painting in a particular genre. Slowly over time we learn how we want to express ourselves and much later someone comes along and writes that you are working in so and so genre. Sorry, I am not trying to be difficult but most artists aren’t very interested in defining themselves.

acrylic and pen painting of a girl with a huge tree

the Shelter of Time
by Zom Osborne

Why do you create what you do?

Because I need to bring through a world that more closely matches the way I think this world could be/should be. More magical, more possibilities, more about spirit and less about… you know, celebrities and shaming us into feeling inadequate so that we will buy more stuff.

How does your creating process work?

I have what I think of as different stages of the creating process.  They are 1.) Inspiration 2.) Initiation 3.) Problem-solving and Dialogue and 4.) Completion. Ideally I have artworks at all of these stages and I can work on whichever stage of the process my energy matches.  For example, inspiration is a high energy active stage where I need lots of energy but not a lot of concentration. If I am feeling restless and wound up I can do inspiration but not problem-solving. Problem-solving and dialogue (and by dialogue I mean with the artwork) need patience and courage, grounded energy. Completion isn’t necessarily about finishing an artwork; it is more about mindless meditative work where I know what needs to be done and how to do it. For that I need to be relaxed, and can be quite low in energy.

artist painting in her studio

Zom painting in her studio

Now I have the honour of introducing the next blogger on this blog hop,  Lisa Arronis, a ceramic artist living just down the road from me – which in Australia can mean 55 km. I haven’t been reading her blog for long, but I am impressed by both her beautiful ceramic work and her poetic blog posts. She has been renovating her home and been on a bit of a blog rest, but apparently the timing was right for her return. Go here for her World Blog Hop post.