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There are a lot of changes at the moment with my studio and my artwork. That it is happening with both at the same time feels symbolic.

If you missed the post where I showed you the ‘before’ photos of my studio you can go here, – not that you will be getting any ‘after’ photos. The whole thing is pretty much in disarray at the moment.

Painting my artist studio

In the earlier post I explained why I have decided to paint my studio. It is a big job best put off as long as possible. Here is the new colour I decided on ( in the other post I was trying out a paler green). I am also in the process of painting the windows this new shade of blue. I think the new green and the blue go pretty well together.
Last weekend I spent hours with the brush doing edging. It was raining off and on so I was painting under the little front porch.

Unable to paint all the edges

I was on the ladder painting up high when I saw that a little micro bat was sleeping right above the door. He was behind the white wood bracing above the door, which is why that one bit isn’t painted. I had to paint around him. He stayed sleeping until I had moved on, then woke up a little and started complaining. Poor little guy, he probably smelled the paint fumes. He was still in the same spot yesterday and today so it didn’t put him off.

pen drawing of a micro bat by Zom Osborne

This is a drawing I did of one of his fellow bats a few years ago.  I think this one died of old age. He was high up on a wall and over the day slowly slid down until he softly dropped onto the back verandah, dead. It seemed a gentle way to go.

inside an artist studio

And here is the mess that is inside the studio. I am packing away my oil painting supplies so I can instead set up my studio for water-colour and acrylic.

rearranging studio 2

I sort and move stuff around for a while, then I have to just ignore it so I can do some drawing.

A pademelon and her baby outside my studio window

Pademelon and baby outside my studio window

Look who was outside my studio window yesterday. The mama and her baby.

oldies in the ocean

And just for a little expansiveness before you go. Byron Bay beach last Saturday, about 8am. It was a little too cool for me to swim, but these happy people were game.

Moon over Byron Beach

and the moon was up.

Next week I will tell you about the experimenting I am doing in my art.