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I haven’t written much about where I live, but it is a big influence on my art.   I was born in the Pacific Northwest of the United States and it took a long time for me to feel like the Australian bush was as much a part of me as the pine forests where I was born.

When we first moved onto this land I wanted a garden of the plants that I had grown up with: azaleas and crocuses, roses and daffodils. I do have two rosebushes and an azalea  but other than that there isn’t much tended garden. Our ‘natural look’ is perfect for all the wildlife that we live with every day. Amazing birds, reptiles, wallabies, echidnas, bandecoots, and of course various beetles, ants and spiders.

A dam with green hills behind

The dam on our property. The house is a neighbour’s.

This is the dam on our property.  We share 80 acres of land with 5 other households. The land goes over that hill you can see in the distance. It is  wild rainforest,  jungle-like and difficult to get through. I have only been over there a couple of times as you basically have to hack your way through.

wallabies in the grass

Wallaby couple in our yard

We live inside the forest, so we have lots of wildlife neighbours. Here is a wallaby couple in our front yard. They aren’t tame, but after 17 years they are pretty used to us.

Pademelon on top of rock wall

Enough so that they will go most anyplace they can get to. This is outside our compost toilet, across from the back door – and the only loo we have.

baby pademelon in his mother's pouch

Joey with his mama

These two have been out in the back garden most mornings. The mother seems very unconcerned about us so the joey is learning not to fear us either.

Pademelon mama with a joey in her pouch

Pademelon mama with a joey in her pouch

You can click on the photos if you want to see them larger.

baby pademelon on rock steps

the baby pademelon venturing out a bit on his own

Here the baby is on his own, out of the pouch. Mama isn’t far away.

monitor lizard

Wary Monitor Lizard

We have a variety of wildlife. This monitor lizard is shyer than most. It was tricky getting his photo.

Monitor Lizard climbing up a compost bucket

Monitor lizard climbing up our compost bucket

He had visited before though and knew exactly where he was headed. The compost bucket.

Monitor Lizard inside a compost bucket

Inside the compost bucket

He is been coming by most days at noon for lunch. My husband said that the goanna made the hole in the top for himself.

Do you have any wildlife around your place?