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I work on quite a few paintings and drawings at the same time. It isn’t uncommon for me to set aside pieces for months, not knowing if or when I will pick them up again. I would say 1 in 10 artworks I start are never finished.  Sometimes I need to nut something out in a painting and the painting itself never really gets off the ground. Other times I might lose interest. It is just part of the process.

Over a year ago I turned to the watercolours of the Protected Habitat series and this painting was set upon the shelf. I always intended to finish it. I liked the composition and what I felt could happen with this particular model. (I love the way her hands are positioned.) And as it turned out, I am glad it was still hanging around.  My initial inspiration has changed, and I can use this painting to go to a different place than I did with the earlier ones.

beginnings of an acrylic painting  of a woman in trees

How I left the painting over a year ago

In my earlier acrylic and pen paintings, like Calling the Bees, I wanted the wood and the pen lines to be the emphasis, with touches of gentle colour staining the wood grain. Now I am interested in making both the colour and tone stronger. 

If I was painting it now from the beginning, I might use a brush and acrylic ink instead of  the pen I initially used – like I am doing in this small circular piece from last week’s post. Instead I am adding paler lines with a brush to bring in more subtlety.

acrylic and ink painting in progress

acrylic and ink painting in progress

What do you think? Are my instincts going in the right direction?