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from the house to the studio

Here is my studio. This is the view when you walk over from the house.

My studio before

This is how my studio has  been for the past 17 years. I am not one for renovating and tarting up. If it works, I don’t fix it. I want to be inside the studio making stuff, not gardening, not decorating, these activities don’t interest me. They are chores.

The only fix-up that I have been trying to do in the past 6 months is to paint the windows. The paint is getting so damaged by the sun that the wood will deteriate soon. In our harsh Australian climate it is all about protection from the sun. The sun breaks down everything.

artist studio

But recently my husband informed me that I have to paint the studio! Ugh. But if I don’t do it, it will begin to leak and that could mean the end of my studio. So now I am in the process of figuring out which colour to paint it. I am thinking of a lighter shade of green. This sample is too light.

Interestingly, I have also had a feeling that I need to reorganise the inside. Originally I set my studio up for oil painting and that is how it has stayed for 17 years. But over the past two years I have been working less and less in oils and have been painting mainly in acrylics and watercolours. And now since my show the Daughters of Gaia, I am feeling like a new cycle in my work is starting.

I want to support this.

artist studio, north side

I work and change slowly. This reorganisation could take weeks or even months. But I thought it would be interesting to record where I am starting from. I don’t know how much things will change.

The above is the back wall of my studio when you first come through the door. You can see the easel on the left where I stand and paint. I don’t know if I will be standing and painting. You can’t really stand when painting watercolours. But I think I would like to keep the option with acrylics and drawing.

To the right is an easel I am not using at the moment. Straight in front of us is my drawing table.

inside an artist studio

You can see that I didn’t clean up for these photos. This is how it is when I work, pretty casual and messy.

This is the west wall (the back wall faces south, our equivalent to northern light in the northern hemisphere.) Filing cabinet for paper and drawings, book shelves, a small trampoline for releasing pent frustration and excitement. I think that this corner probably won’t change much. Except that I might clear off the top of the file cabinet and  put my cutting matt down there. I don’t use it a lot and that would leave me a bit more table space.

East side of my studio

Now we are looking at the other side of the studio at the east wall. I have been doing quite a bit of drawing at the table, though the sun coming through in the morning can be inconvenient. I used to stand with my back to this wall to paint at the easel facing the door. This is the area that could change the most.

the northeast corner of my studio

Now we are closer to that table and looking through an entry into my small room extension to the north.

studio room extension


I originally added this as my writing room. Many years ago I was writing a novel. I never finished it, there just weren’t enough years in my life to be a writer as well as a visual artist.

I have been using this area mainly for art journaling and occasional painting. It gets a bit too much sun on the table to be very useful.

painting storage

painting storage

Here we built in a little painting storage.

the front of my studio

the front of my studio

And here we are back at the front door. It is a relatively small studio.

If any of you who are organisationally talented have some advice, I would love to hear it.