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It was a lovely evening, the weather was perfect and the company intelligent and articulate. But… I am afraid I didn’t do well with the photography. I knew that I wouldn’t be  taking  photos so I left it up to my dear husband who is only beginning to be comfortable with his phone camera.

Me talking to my students.

Me talking to my students.

Even though this photo is fuzzy I quite like it. I like it because it is me with some of my beloved students, and because I seem to have the crow from the watercolour “Under Night Wings” on my head.

Nadine Abensur with Peter Wood

Peter Wood and Nadine Abensur

And here is a photo I stole from Nadine’s Facebook wall of her and Peter Wood. Nadine is the Director of the Art Piece Gallery and was the curator of the show. Peter Wood is the CEO of Arts Northern Rivers the arts organisation that kindly put on the show.

So with a lack of photos and shyness about talking about my own opening, I will refer you to the blog post on the Arts Northern Rivers blog if you would like to see more of the night.