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Lately it has been birds and lizards wanting to come through into my artwork. That may sound strange if you aren’t someone who regularly works with inspiration . Most people think that as artists we decide what we want to express, then figure out what we will paint to ‘say’ that and then we paint it. The truth is a lot more mysterious. It is a process in-between consciously figuring it out and dreaming. The muse is a more literal term than most people realise. When authors speak of characters taking over their stories, they aren’t  just being cute (it is cute though).

I don’t have complete control over my paintings either. If I try to paint ‘what I want’ and ignore what my muse ‘tells’ me (don’t worry, I don’t actually hear voices) the life goes out of what I am working on. And strangely enough, my interest to create it leaves as well.

Here is a lizard I have been playing around with. I began placing him in pencil, then came in with pen.

lizard beginning

Soon after the stage above, I came in with the watercolour. It was much sooner than I did with the Drongo sketch where I completed the detailed pen drawing first.

This was an experiment.

Lizard drawing in progressThen after the watercolour I came in with the pen to finish drawing.

water-colour and pen drawing of a lizard

Water Dragon study in watercolour and pen

Here he is, finished.  It was fun to experiment with how far to take the pen work. I recommend that you click on him to better see his detail.

In case you are unfamiliar with Water Dragons, those aren’t their usual colours. I took some artistic license there.

wallaby on back verandah

I have been taking a lot of photos of the wallabies (small kangaroos) that live around our place. And I  mean live here literally, in our back yard, on our back verandah, next to the front window. Sure, they can be shy but this is definitely their territory and once you give up the idea of gardening it is a lovely thing. They haven’t eaten the roses this year, so I am grateful.

I have done a few sketches with wallabies, but my muse keeps saying ‘not yet’ to a painting. I refuse to believe it is ‘not ever’ because I want to bring in some of these guys.