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A few weeks ago I heard a thud when two beautiful Spangled Drongos  hit our large glass doors.  They were both on the ground, dazed and upset.

Drongo family

Drongo family waits for the two who hit the window

Above in the branches were 3 more Drongos standing vigil, waiting for the other two. As it is rare that I can get detailed photos of birds, I crept out to take photos and one of them swooped me. Fair enough.

After about 10 minutes one bird, then the other flew up to join their family.

pen drawing of a bird in progress

Beginning my study of the Drongo

I began by placing the drawing in pencil then redrawing with pen, Uniball Signo DX .28. I never just draw over the pencil lines but am always redrawing to get closer, closer…

Watercolour drawing of a bird in progress

Watercolour drawing of the drongo in progress

I left the ink drawing only partly done and came in with watercolour washes. Then more drawing with pen.


At this point I checked out the tones on my iPad. They weren’t quite working so I brought in more mid-darks.

Watercolour drawing of a drongo

Watercolor drawing of the Drongo that hit our window

I felt that he needed some ground to stand on. Yet more ink drawing. And here is my Drongo Study. I was pleased that he seems to have a bit of an expression on his face.

(the actual watercolour drawing doesn’t have a watermark on it.)