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ink drawing of a woman in a hoop skirt with a lizard

Seeding the Bones
by Zom Osborne
ink drawing

I have been doing pen and ink drawings in my art journal. I am not sure why I am doing them in there, something about feeling like I can be more experimental. Anyway this one I am very pleased with. I will put it up on the website as a proper drawing.

What is the story? It has something to do with the monitor lizards that are around the place. I have seen three different monitor lizards walking the land over the past ten years, this would be the medium sized one. They ¬†eat pretty much anything, dead or alive, hence the bones. They rummage in our compost. They steal people’s chickens, have eaten our neighbour’s bunnies. They are the original natives here, so I reckon they have the right to eat whatever is around.

What is the woman doing though? He eats the flesh and she reseeds the bones, to grow into ???

I think the whole piece is about transformation. It is like how vultures used to be holy in some ancient cultures. They were the beings of transformation, eating the dead bodies and recycling them back into the living. I think that is what these two are up to.