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a watercolour painting of a young woman dancing with a black crow


Under Night Wings

by Zom Osborne

watercolour and coloured pencil on rag

Also available as a limited edition artist print

420mm x 3oomm (16.5 inches x 12 inches)


This watercolour is one of a series of six paintings I finished recently called the Protected Habitat series.

With the pain of the news of what is happening after the 2011 tsunami in Japan, the damage the radioactive leakage is doing to the Pacific Ocean, and how this is effecting the sea and land animals around the world, I think of the Protected Habitat series as a kind of prayer.

Sometimes I receive words or even a conversation with my inspiration for a painting. I consider the italics the words of the painting.

Are you dancing? Dancing with the crow?

Yes. We are friends the crow and me.

You aren’t a spirit?

Did you want me to be?

It would have lent a certain consistency.

Well I’m not. I am human.

Why are you naked then? I thought the human girls were clothed.

Not always, obviously.  FungiGirl is wearing a dress Рand she is definitely not human.

True. But I think she should have been naked.

Well I am and she isn’t.

We live in the woods.

Are you sisters with the girl in the earlier drawing?

Or lovers? You always go to sisters, just because you miss yours.

So are you lovers?

Not with her, but I do have a lover.

The crow?

Correct. But the crow shape-changes.

No, no. That doesn’t fit in at all. It makes you fantasy, a fantasy story.

What about the time when humans could change to animals? That wasn’t a fantasy, the native americans speak of it.

That is true, it is in some indigenous nation’s stories.