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acrylic painting of woman with vines growing on her

I Wait

This is a painting from the series called the Daughters of Gaia. The series is concerned with humanity’s true relationship with the earth, ¬†addressing our mass delusion of being separate from Nature.


In the same way as I receive inspiration for an artwork, sometimes I receive words as well. The italics are not me speaking, they are the voice of the painting.


I wait for my brothers and sisters to come home again.

I want to come home again.

Who are your brothers and sisters?

The plants, the ecosystem of plants and soil. We have been displaced by tar and bitumen and my brothers and sisters have been pulled from their roots of soil and earth. We are not separate from Her, there is no place no point where she stops and we begin. So you have left bits of us behind in Her in your killing and pulling. And i Wait to be Reunited.

It is all such a sad song.

It is. At this time, it wasn’t always so. But we are in a time of Death and your humanity does not want to acknowledge it as such.