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Watercolor Drawing in Progress

Watercolor Drawing in Progress

Of course there is another side to living out in the bush. We live with and around many  creatures, which brings me a lot of pleasure. But occasionally it has its hassles.

I had gotten a bit further on with this watercolour drawing and was feeling quite happy with how it was going. Because it is stretched on a board I have to set it up against the wall at night. If I leave it on the table it is likely to get some spider or other bug poo on it.

spots on watercolour painting

Chewed on watercolor painting

When I went to pick it up the next morning, this is what it looked like. I couldn’t quite believe my eyes. What could have possibly happened? I wondered if somehow it hadn’t been completely dry and the paint had run, but it doesn’t really look like that does it?

With a little asking around of my artist friends I discovered that it was probably cockroaches. Others had had similar experiences. Apparently they are very fond of  gum arabic, the binder in watercolour. Some colours have more gum arabic than others, hence they only ate the bits where I had used manganese blue.


As they only ate the paint and not the paper, I was able to fix it.