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unfinished watercolor drawing

Watercolor drawing beginning

I am experimenting with a new approach in my Protected Habitat series. Previously I have been drawing first on 300 gram Arches watercolour paper, then adding some rather neutral watercolour.  With this new work, which is too large for the A3 paper I was using, I had to stretch a half sheet of 185 gram that I had in my file drawers. It has been years since I have used the paper tape and it is so humid here in the summer that some of the glue had been effected and wasn’t sticking; but I managed to stretch it. I enjoyed the whole ritual of soaking the paper in the bath tub and stretching the paper.

I did a light HB pencil drawing to place everything and then went straight in with a few strong washes of watercolour.  I plan on doing the coloured pencil drawing around that, with more watercolour as needed.