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Painting of a girl with beetles on her

not What you Think
acrylic and pen on board

Australia could have up to 80,000 species of beetles, many of them not yet identified. Beetles have a major role to play in maintaining the health of ecosystems — breaking down leaves, wood and animal remains.


In the same way as I receive inspiration for an artwork, sometimes I receive words as well. The italics are the voice of the painting, they are not my words.


You look deeply hurt.

I am. Deeply hurt. We are. Deeply hurt.

I am sorry.

It isn’t about you.    The beetles. The beetles want to speak.


Of course. I speak for them. I am Here for them.

Like ‘the Return’ (the drawing)?

No, different. They return to their origin, their Maker. I am not the beetles’ maker. I am one of them.

But you aren’t a beetle.

No, but I am with them. I am here for them personally. They are my Heart.

Like a guardian?

Or their Soul.

You are their Soul? Like their group soul?

Like that. 

And what do the beetles want to say?

That they are hungry. They are hungry and frightened.

Why frightened?

The pesticides, insecticides, the chemicals. They are destroying the beetles’ environment. It frightens them. The chemicals are changing things on such a small level – you humans are not aware. They come to warn you. You don’t know what you are doing. What they say frightens me too. They used to be able to speak directly to some of you (the shamans?), but  no one is listening anymore. No one is talking to the plants or the others.

The others are the insects?

And more. Worms and microbes and the subterranean dwellers. Those underneath. Dwellers of the soil. Humanity is killing the soil.

It is alive?

Of course it is alive!

I don’t know what I can do.

You can be our voice.

I don’t know that anyone will listen. I am sorry. You look mute.

I am mute. Mute like the beetles. But I can speak to your mind.