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Painting of a woman with vines growing on her

how Strong can you Be
acrylic and pen on wood

We live in a subtropical rainforest in Australia. We have planted nine thousand rainforest trees on our land. With  climate change they say that the vines in the forest are going to multiply . Some of the vines choke the trees. We go around and cut the roots of the choking vines so that the trees will live. I don’t think we will be able to keep up.


In the same way as I receive inspiration for an artwork, sometimes I receive words as well. The italics are the voice of the painting, I don’t consider them my words.


Is there something you would like to say?

Yes, I am strong. I am determined.

How are you determined?

I am determined to succeed. I want to take over this world.

What? Like Queen of the World?

Of course not. It is the plants. We were covering the earth before your humanity pulled us aside.

You pulled us aside, that is genocide.

I don’t know the correct word, but I know what you mean.

Killed us, killed us, killed us. What did we ever do that you would do that?

It is true, you did nothing.

Pulled us aside.

I am sorry. We suffer too because of it.

That is not my concern.

Okay, why should it be?

I won’t even go there. Humankind does not even recognise us as fellow creatures.  A few of you do, but so few. People used to talk to us, ask us questions. We can heal, we have powerful knowledge. You used to ask us, and ask to share our powers. Now you rape us for those powers. Just more objects. As if we aren’t alive.

It is painful to hear the truth.

Try living it!

But you are determined.

Yes I am determined. 

Is it you sending the pictures of houses, buildings covered in vines? Trees sprouting in living rooms? Cities being submerged under plants?


I do not send them.


It is not me. I have my own work to do. I am not sending images. 

I wish you success.

*She nods in acknowledgement.*