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woman with beetles on her dress

the Return pen and watercolour

I created this drawing a year before I started my Daughters of Gaia series. I didn’t realise then that it was going to be the start of a new series.


I am the earth and all returns to me. The large and the small. The bugs are my gatherers, my Lords of the soil. Close to the ground and friends of the soil as they help to break the larger down. They are my special minions, my carers of the dark. Minions of the under-depths. that is why the humans cringe and are revolted. The insects work with all the refuse and forbidden, but it is all the same to me. All sacred, all part of my Mother. They represent your rejected. They fly to me, the one who loves them and recognises them. The ones who generate and regenerate, like the once sacred carrion birds. Human culture rejects death and sickness and old age because it has turned away from the soul and wisdom and even maturation. It frightens you to grow closer to death. so you don’t see the beetles’ strange beauty. Their poisonous colours that warn the birds ‘Death! death!” is what the colours say. Eat me and you will sicken and die. So unlike the beautiful sex colours of the birds and the flowers. Those colours scream life and sex while the beetles warn of death. And that is why my eyes are unfocused. My attention is on another realm, not in the physical world. My focus is in the nether realm, the realm of becoming, leaving and transition. Inbetween and before becoming.